Students, faculty and other members of the staff of the Institute are entitled to become members of the Learning Resource Center. There are three types of membership in the SLS Library and the book provides lending services as follows: -

  • Staff: Teaching and Non - teaching Staff.
  • Students: Students (BA/BBA LLB; LLB; LLM; Diploma)
  • While entering the Learning Resource Center Entry Register is to be signed and the Identity Card is to be shown. 
  • Reader's tickets are not transferable. A member is responsible for the books borrowed on his/her reader's ticket. Neither books nor reader's tickets should be lent to another person. Sub lending of books is a misuse of membership privileges and may lead to withdrawal of membership.
  • While going out of the Learning Resource Center, members should ensure that the books they are taking out are properly issued. If a member is found removing any reading material without getting the same properly issued, suitable action will be taken.
  • Members should keep the Learning Resource Center informed of any change of address, class or subject of study etc. during the period of their membership. 
  • Books should not be kept beyond the date marked on the due date-slip. 
  • Learning Resource Center books are for the use and benefit of not only the present but 
    also the future members of the Learning Resource Center. Therefore, all Learning 
    Resource Center books should be handled with due care. Members should not write on or disfigure the books in any way.
  • Members should satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the book they wish to borrow before getting them issued; otherwise, they will be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed at the time or returning. 
  • Loss of Learning Resource Center tickets should be reported immediately. Despite every precaution, the Learning Resource Center will not be responsible if the lost tickets are misused. Therefore, it is in their own interest that students should always be particular in showing the Institute identity cards as and when asked by the Learning Resource Center staff at the issue counter. 
  • We are giving membership for outsider users to use for reading purpose.