Library Services

1. Borrowing Facility : -

Readers Type


Number of Books




3 Books

14 Days

LLB (3 Year Course)

3 Books

14 Days


2 Books

14 Days


1 Book

7 Days



20 Books

1 Month

Non - Teaching


1 Book

1 Month

2. Book Bank Facility : -

Book bank facility is yet another important part of the college. Due to the rising cost of the books students are unable to purchase such books. Therefore, book bank facility is provided to meet the reading thrust of the students. The LRC has made special study hall facility for students. They are taking benefit of the facility. To include continuous study habits the Learning Resource Center under the book bank scheme lends outlaw textbooks to the students for the period of one year.

3. Conditions about Book Bank Facility : -
  • Applicants must produce his/her I - card & borrow card to receive application form from the Learning Resource Center. 
  • Books will be issued every academic year. 
  • Books will be issued from the Book Bank scheme only (not from reference section).
  • Such books should be returned within two days after theory paper is over or otherwise a fine as prescribed in the circulation policy of the respective institute. 
  • For the misplace or damage of books the student availing benefit will be held responsible & in such case, the full cost of the new book will be recovered from him/her to replace the book.

4. Study Material : -

Every semester the students are provided with some text books as study material for every subject in the form of gift hamper. The number of books is decided on the basis of requirements. Members have the privilege of direct access to shelves in the Stack halls. It is important that the arrangement of books be maintained on the notice Board for the convenience of users themselves. While the books can be freely taken out from the shelves, on no account should they be replaced by members because of the danger of their misplacement. Any book misplaced, innocently or deliberately, is virtually lost to Learning Resource Center patrons.

5. Reading Room : -

The Learning Resource Center has made special study hall facility for students. Students are taking benefit of the facility. The LRC has a spacious reading room spread over the first floor. The LRC comprises of Reading Hall and Periodical section for students to sit and read. The main Hall of the Library has seating capacity of approx. 230 readers and kept open 12.00 hours in a day. The current arrivals are displayed at the entrance. The reference material and the periodicals are also displayed to felicitate the readers in the main reading hall.

Those students who want to discuss & study /sit outside the Hall have the facility of sitting on chair with tables provided in the Mooter Zone. Since Wi-Fi facility is provided in the whole campus so the students can access e-resources through internet. Reading hall has digital Section students can access all the Databases from there. The students who want to avail the facility of e-resources from library/computer lab and outside the campus can also use the e-resources.

Symbiosis Law School - Pune Library provides Remote access facility to current students and faculty by using the Remote Access Facility, the user agrees to the following conditions:

  • That you are authorized user of Symbiosis Law School – Pune Library (Limited to current students and faculty members only)
  • That you will not share your access with anyone else (Usage of the remote access facility is monitored, please do not share your login credentials with any one)
  • That you will use the resources only for academic purpose.

6. CAS (Current Awareness services) : -

Every month the new arrivals are displayed in the showcase and in OPAC.

7. SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information) : -

An info alert service is available for faculty members. Faculty members & Students are given daily updates on current affairs, Reference Services.

8. Reserved Item : -

A reserved item is subject to recall once it has been on loan for fourteen days.

9. Reference Services : -

The Learning Resource Center Users are kept informed about the reading materials through reference service.

10. Photocopying Services : -

The changes are 1 Rs. per copy. The facility of photo-copying is available in the college premises itself.

11. Mooter Card Facility : -

The students who go for Moot Court Competitions in other colleges are provided with special Mooter card. With this card they can issue 5 Books at a time including the Reference Books.

12. Scholar Card Services : -

The toppers of the academic year are provided with 2 extra books as home lending Facility.

13. Online Journals : -

The students also avail the facility of online journals even if they are not in college campus.

14. Wi-Fi Internet Connection : -

The Learning Resource Center has all state-of-the-art gadgets with Wi-Fi internet connection and highly modernized Audio-Visual equipment’s with tele-conferencing facility.

15. Remote Access to Library Resources : -

To optimize the usage of e-Resources for the academic and research purposes, Remote Access brings all the scattered e-Resources of the institution, under one umbrella consisting of e-Databases, e-Journals, e-Books and other e-Content.